Ottoman, squared

Between my cocktail-table-turned-ottoman project and the floor pillow-poufs I am desiring, I've really got upholstered squarish things on the mind.

I went through my manila file folder of old tearsheets tonight, trolling for inspiration.  Do you do this?  I love how I notice things I've never seen before, depending on what's on my mind.  I should be clear about what I was looking at: this file folder is full of images I have torn from magazines over the past decade and kept, through as many as three moves.  They are dog eared.  The file has been weeded, and these are the images that remain.  They are spaces that I love.

A surprising number of these rooms have squarish poofish items, for extra seating and/or as ottomans.  Okay, maybe not so surprising considering the trend and the simple practicality of these items.  (I also found some awesome floor pillows and a tendency towards ottomans upholstered in interesting textiles, but we'll save that for another day.)

For the most part, I did not pull these images for the poofs, but this first one is the exception.  Elle Decor, circa 2005, and I SO wanted those white square leather poofs.  Still do, in truth.  In fact, if I could have those, there would be no searching for dhurries to make the floor cushions mentioned the other day.

[Elle Decor]

Let's see, what else.  I love both the use of unembellished silver leather and the bathroom placement of this one.

 [design: Amanda Nisbet; via House Beautiful]

More silver, this time in a shazaam shape.  But what do you expect when Jonathan Adler gets a client like Nanette Lepore?

[Design: Jonathan Adler; via: Elle Decor]

Love the nailhead on this one
 [Cottage Living Idea House]

The unexpected rectangular shape and use of cowhide here
 [Design Peter Dunham; via House Beautiful]

And the amazing ethnic print on this one, kind of like kuba cloth, only possibly, could it be? leather?

 [House Beautiful]

And this one just goes to show that a humble cube in bold colors (these are from Ikea) can work well in an understated room with just the right details, like those portraits, and that LAMP.

 [House Beautiful]

 I also kind of have a soft spot for these little round patchwork ones, especially the single one, in another Peter Dunham room.

 [Design: Kathryn M Ireland, via House Beautiful, possibly Reese Witherspoon's country house at one point?]

[design: Peter Dunham; via House Beautiful]

Would you use one of these in your home?  Which is your favorite?