Get a rope

Does anyone else remember those Old El Paso ads, or am I just dating myself?

Anyway.  I got a sort of nautical theme in my head when we were developing Oliver's nursery, and it still seems that everywhere I look, something is wrapped in rope.  We thought about making knobs like these, which are no longer available at anthropolige,

but went with a ceramic version instead.  I though about wrapping the mirror in rope, but with the beadwork border, thought I should leave well enough alone.  But now I'm itching to get out the glue gun and attach some rope to SOMETHING.

  [Two's Company]

 [via One Kings Lane]

[via One Kings Lane]

[Dransfield and Ross]
[Interior Design]

How awesome is this rope-wrapped etagere?  Not exactly your simple DIY, but maybe with a whole lot of time and patience...?

 And glue gun aside, I have this crazy idea that one could make a globe lamp with a net and a balloon form, but this, too, is likely a pipe dream.

At the very least, I bet I could handle a project like this: rope pulls.

 [via remodelista]

Or I could just buy something with a rope motif.

  [Dransfield and Ross]

If it went anywhere in my house.  Which it doesn't.

But still: how fun!?