Mixing patterns like a kid

I spotted these 1970s striped lamps with floral shades at the same consignment store where I picked up my octagon coffee table, and when I saw them, I went YOWZA! (And then I had to resist the urge to remove that "relax" sign to snap the photo. When and why did words as table top sculpture become such a ubiquitous trend?)

I wish I had a place for these lamps. In reality, I would probably replace the shades with something simpler, but it made me think of the way my kids mix and match patterns with abandon. This works because the color palette is the same, the wild flowers contrast the linear stripes, and there is variation in the scale of the two patterns. Like this outfit from my girls' closet, where the tights pull out all the major colors of the corduroy dress (aqua, teal, chartreuse, plum, and white), but the stripes are less dense than the floral.

While neither of my girls was willing to model (the 4 year old, in particular, is cranky and camera shy), I assure you this is adorable on.

But the lamps: Would you, could you, live with them, as is?