Just goes to show

When I was posting Danika's flashback on Friday, I found myself thinking that her "huh?" moments looked pretty good to me. In particular, she pointed out this checkerboard wall as a predominant "what was I thinking?" choice in her awesome carriage house.

Last night, I was looking through an old folder of tearsheets, and I found this.

[Elle Decor]

It's a bedroom by my very favorite designer Muriel Brandolini.

While I still (and always) think you should just do what you love in your home regardless of what other designers are doing, this just goes to show that one woman's "ugh!" might be another woman's "ahhhh," and that we tend to see spaces we have designed differently than other people will. We see the work that went into it, and all the flaws. Or maybe I should say "flaws."

Seeing this image again, I still feel inspired by the combinations of textiles and lighting--ornate with streamlined, fanciful with crisp--and while our tastes change, the way we combine things we love can continue to energize them and make them new.