Shopping round up

I made the rounds to a couple of big box stores yesterday, looking for bits and piece for various projects, and found some surprises that I thought I'd pass along to you.

Target has this new blue and white ikat melamine plates, just a few dollars a piece. (If they were ceramic, I would pick up the bowls to go with our royal copenhagen blue fluted mega china, but alas.)

At Home Goods, in addition to snagging lamps in the right shade of green for the living room (more on that later), I spotted this little slipper chair with a vintage polo print. So cute for a little boys room and just $99.

But the real surprise was Pier 1 imports. I remember shopping for CLOTHES and jewelry at Pier 1 when I was a kid (I remember one dress in particular in blue, black, and white ikat--it would be so "in" again today), but their home stuff is kind of all over the map, and often seems a bit pricey for the quality. I have found good deals on occasion though, like our outdoor chairs, so I popped in on a whim yesterday, as I was in the market for some "global" throw pillows. While they didn't have quite what I was looking for, I did snag this teeny tiny geometric pillow for just $3 (one corner is missing its pom poms--adds character, right?)

And I saw many other items of interest. Another good choice for a boys room, I love this little rattan bucket seat for $129

Love this modern red X-base table, though I couldn't find the price

Was very tempted by these beaded-edges cloth napkins in great colors for less than $5 a piece (but worried that the bead trim was not the best for daily use, and we use cloth napkins every day)

Caught sight of this chain-mail pillow on my way out the door

Love this outdoor lantern for inside--kind of reminds me of those franco albini rattan ottomans that I do so love

But my absolute favorite is this outdoor throne.

It reminds me of these 60s outdoor sets (of course not as cool, but much more accessible), which I covet intensely.

[House Beautiful]

I also picked up to excellent little surprises for Oliver's room, but I think I'll hold onto those until we reveal the "after."

Have you had any good find lately? Let me know!