A Fluorescent Edge

Speaking of painted furniture legs, I just stumbled upon these amazing outdoor benches from the Summer Snow line by Uhuru design in Interior Design Magazine. They are custom made in Red Hook, Brooklyn, and probably out of my price range (isn't everything these days?) I think you could DIY the look. It works because of the tension between the natural element (that gorgeous reclaimed wood) and the hyper-artificial (neon, as a category, does not often happen in nature!) I would consider buying a natural slab of wood, like this one that I just saw on craigslist for $100 (or better, yet, snag one from my in-laws property for free),

and adding metal table legs with a nice coat of neon spraypaint.

Or customize an already-in-one-piece table from craigslist. I think this little side table from West Elm would also look killer with some neon legs.
The effect would be super sexy, and chances are, you wouldn't run the risk of having the same thing as everyone else.