Flashback Friday: First living-together bedroom



Love That Space: Park Slope co-op, 2002

The Vision: Grown Up Global

The Elements: Modern Turkish rug, embroidered moroccan coverlet, embroidered indian-inspired pillows, bamboo blinds, chinoiserie armoire, 1970s upholstered white boudoir chairs, campaign-style desk, red, red, walls.

The huh? Factor: that ice cream parlor chair at the desk! It belonged to the hubs, and clearly I was throwing a bone: everything else in our first bedroom together belonged to me. Plus, that little glass lamp keeps popping up...until Home Goods opens their doors, and lamp shopping is revolutionized forever.

The Analysis: The hubs had just moved in after my random, FIT student roommate bailed on me with short notice, and I was doing my bes to turn "my" place into "ours." We moved the bedroom from the back of the apartment to the room just off the living room, and my biggest gesture to cohabitation was in painting the main rooms, despite ALL THAT MOLDING! My better half likes bold, clear colors, and we chose Benjamin Moore's Calypso Blue for the living room and Moroccan Red for the bedroom. I was happy to banish the awful mint green that my roommate chose, and to pull together a number of my favorite things into one space.

What remains: Almost everything! The rug and armoire are in our dining room, the boudoir chairs are in our bedroom, the desk and block-printed pillowcases are in the guest room. Sadly, the ice cream parlor chair was sold at our stoop sale when we sold this apartment about 6 months later and moved into a house that we chose together.

I have to say, I loved this bedroom--it felt befitting of a grown up girl living with her beloved--and I'm so glad I have a photo of it, even if it is a crappy polaroid!

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