Campaign Furniture Update

When I first won this campaign-style dresser in an online auction, I was sure I would paint it a high-gloss something (depending on other color decisions in the room). When I got it home and into the girls room, I decided I liked the way the dark wood grounded the room, and the idea of having a natural finish on something was appealing. When I cleaned up the hardware with some barkeepers friend, it also gave a nice contrast to the wood.

At the same time, I just don't think the campaign style is meant to have anything but a smooth, all-over color to the finish, and I've been gathering paint samples with the intention of "lacquering" the piece in a deep, dark brown.

But then I remembered seeing the new Archive Credenza from CB2.

The overall shape of the piece and the hardware definitely look campaign-inspired to me (though the website talks about library cabinets as the inspiration), and I like the idea of painting the hardware an unexpected color, and keeping the wood-grain finish as a contrast. In the girls room, I could do chartreuse, bright pink, or a sort of aqua blue on the hardware.

Am I crazy? Of course, once you spraypaint brass, there's really no turning back.....