Friday, May 22, 2015

Neutral organic modern global bedroom, 2 ways

We've been working on my brother and sister in law's house (living room and dining room are almost done, kids rooms are almost done), and recently decided to refresh the master bedroom until they are ready to replace the furniture.  We did new paint (grey-lavender), new bedding, lamps for the bedside tables, and new (cheap but pretty) curtains.

Yesterday I couldn't help myself and put together two schemes using the new paint and bedding but swapping in furniture.

I love the results!

What would you choose?

Enjoy the long weekend!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Modern bedroom, 2 ways

It's fun to find old work in the archives.  This room ended up not quite like either of these!  The project is out of town, but hopefully I will get out to shoot it one day.  Same house as this guest room, this living/dining, the mint barstools, and the fabulous tile entry...

Thursday, May 14, 2015


There is a room at my parent's house that started life as a sewing room (once upon a time my mom made most of our clothes as well as countless Christmas gifts and Cabbage Patch wardrobes), morphed into a dance room (for about 2 decades my parents have been ballroom and country dancers), and then, sort of reluctantly, half accidentally, into a playroom for their six grandchildren.

As such, it ended up with a bunch of random pieces--a folding table for art, some awesome but misplaced chrome shelves that don't do much for storing toys, a fun but too-small rug, some
Christmas decorations that are too large to store elsewhere.  (I will save the "before" photos for another time.)

Last fall, leading up to Thanksgiving, we talked about doing it up.  The basement has a grey base with tones of red, hot pink, turquoise, royal blue, and black, so I used that palette and put together some possibilities with inexpensive pieces that were nonetheless an upgrade, all kid friendly, but not an eye sore.

Guess what?  We never did anything with it, but my mom asked me about the shelving the other day, and I dug up these boards.

I forgot that I even took profile photos of all the kids over Thanksgiving so I could make the silhouettes for the wall above the table.

Mom: let's do it?

Monday, May 11, 2015

Living Room refresher

I should make every Monday "design board day."  Easy for me, easy for you.

A repeat client was looking for a little living room refresher, keeping the couch, coffee table (trunk), mirror over the fireplace, and brown curtains.  We wanted to bring in a new rug, pair of chairs, and some accents like side tables, pillows, and lighting.  We were also toying with a pretty desk and chair at the far end of the long room.

Red and Grey:

Orange, Cream, and Blue:

Coral and Navy:

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mother's Day Wish List

Somehow having a blog (and reading blogs) makes me feel compelled to round up gift ideas for myself, in a way that makes me feel greedy but also tremendous gratitude for all I have.

For mother's day, I really just want a pedicure and to hang with the important (local) moms in my life.  But IF I were hankering for gifts, these are some pretty good ideas:

Coloring books for grown up are all the rage.  This one reminds me of pattern coloring books we had (and loved) as kids.

I always love art to commemorate special days or events.  I'm loving the Irises from Jenny Andrews Anderson, especially this drippy black one.

(here, 15% off with code yourmom)

I'm always in the market for Design books, and while I feel like I can justify some purchases because I'm in the biz, they do cost real dollars and I need to pace myself!  I have a hankering for these:

And can't wait for Lauren Liess's Field Guide to Decorating to come out!

I am the sole coffee drinker in our house, and I have one cup every morning.  I use a pour over cone, and would love a beautiful ceramic version, like this:

With matching mug, perhaps this one:

(artist, shop seems to be down)

I've also always wanted Moroccan tea glasses since using them for actual Moroccan tea in Paris some years ago

And aren't these crochet edged napkins the sweetest?

(here.  Full disclosure: I basically have these already in all-white, but we use them regularly and we've had them for ten years, so they have seen better days!)

Okay, I'll stop now.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Spring Bedroom Refresh (the best pillowcases)


One of the quickest ways to refresh for the new season is to address your bedding.  Out with the heavy duvets and extra throws and in with light, bright, and fresh.

You know I love a good printed pillowcase, and have been known to splurge on them in the past.  Well, I recently found a secret source for CHEAP pillowcases that look straight our of John Robshaw, or Kerry Cassil, or Anthropologie.

From World Market, only available in stores:

At $14.99/pair, I find myself picking up a new pattern every time I'm at the store.

I had the small-scale print on the bed when I had my house photographed last fall:

Then moved on to the yellow-and-olive design:

And Just recently swapped in this new print with strong red, blue, and green.
I couldn't bring myself to invest in new bedding (yet), so I borrowed the blue hotel bedding from the guest room and I love the brighter/ crisper color in here!

I brought back the floral bolster and leopard pillow--two of my favorites, that had been taking a breather in the basement.

I also did a pillow swap to match the palette.  From this:

To this:

My room feels so happy and bright, and the only expense was the pillowcases--$14.99

Monday, April 20, 2015


When you do design work from afar, "after" photos are unpredictable at best.  I was able to get shots of this nursery, but something happened to the memory card and alas, there are no photos of the finished space.  It is no longer a little girl nursery--life moves pretty fast!

In the same house, I designed this nursery for baby number 3.  I posted these progress shots.  Going through old photos looking for something else, I realized I snapped this picture (below) when I was in NYC last summer.  And guess what?  This is no longer a nursery either!  So this will have to do.

This is the other side of the room--it was teensy tiny!  (remember the floorplan work?)

Just goes to show you can certainly pack a lot of style into a small space.

Happy Monday!


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