Sheila Bridges Wallpaper

I have that dining room accent wall on the brain, right?
We know I want grasscloth. Check. And a giant piece of art. Check.

But what if I used some large-scale idiosynchratic wallpaper instead?

I love designer Sheila Bridges' weekend house (including, of course, that giant map, since I've had maps on the brain), and especially her custom wallpaper in the kitchen.

[via Domino]

Well, as it turns out, she has a small line of papers available for sale, and I am loving this hopscotch panel.

Only problem: it's not exactly cheap, and there is a four roll minimum. That would make sense for something patterned, but I can't really imagine hanging more than one of these, seeing as the pattern is 5 feet tall. Though it does come in 4 colors, so that's something...

So if you and three friends each have a great little nook that needs some vertical oomph, or a stair landing lacking interest, etc, this might be for you!