I know, some days blogs just seem so random.

Usually, there is some method to our madness, and I, for one, need some structure in my chaos.
So, while I aim to share a wide range of content, from design tips and resources to inspirational images and some of my own projects, I also have a couple of regular (well, maybe irregular) series going on over here.

To check them out, just click the links below.  Each link will bring you to a scrolling screen of posts in each series.  Have fun browsing!

Art You Can Afford
A round up of affordable resources for real art.  I even pick some winners for you.

Art You Can Make
Inspiration and tutorials for projects to try at home.

Design Rules
Guest posts from some favorite design bloggers, sharing three design rules to live by.

Flashback Fridays
Check out my interior design history (and a few friends and family, too.)

One Item, Two Design Styles
In this eclectic world, so many unique items can work in multiple design styles.  This series of design boards shows you how.

Reader Design Dilemmas 
Real people, real dilemmas, free advice.  (Send me your own!)

Small Measures 
A weekend series of project ideas.  One image, 25 words, projects you could tackle in a day.

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