Monday, January 27, 2014


Preamble:  Today is the FOURTH day this month that schools are closed here for dangerously cold temps.  As in, the high today is projected to be -6.  The low?  -22.  Those are raw temps before any of that wind chill nonsense.

So let's talk about cozying up a bedroom, shall we?

Lots of designers don't "fluff" a space, bringing in textiles and accessories, but I have to say, it can be pretty satisfying, and the gratification is instant.

I have a new client who has a solid set of Pottery Barn furniture and a pale grey wall color that she likes, but her space lacks personality.  She contacted me to bring a little life to the room.  She wanted the room to feel cozy, finished, and not too feminine, and she didn't want a lot of stuff.  She was VERY open to color palette and look, so I put together 4 boards with fairly different vibes to see where she was at.

Calm and fresh:

warm and Cheerful:

Modern and masculine:

It's amazing how different these spaces can feel based simply on textiles and accessories.

None of these are the direction we ended up going....hopefully we'll have a before and after soon--just waiting on the linen roman shades!

If you're local, stay warm.....

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  1. Adding that final layer of texture and texiles is what makes a room feel cozy--why don't more designers do that? I know that's an area that I could use help with!

    I love these 3 scenarios...and hope you share the winning look with us!


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