Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Otomi bedding, oh my

Have you seen the Otomi bedding at Land of Nod?




As we say here in the midwest, Oh, for cute.

A great way to play along with this trend without breaking the bank.


And some designer-y Otomi use, seen round the world.

Grace Bonney, Designsponge.com



Jenna Lyon's son Becket''s big boy room


It's got me thinking: is this one of those times to go authentic and support the culture from whence a ubiquitous pattern comes (i.e. Mexico)?  Or do you go for the big box interpretation at the lower price point?

I've lately been noticing knock offs of famous and designer fabric patterns proliferating on spoonflower (where you can design your own fabric and purchase fabric designed by fellow novices).  When someone comes a little too close to imitating a Schumacher pattern, there is likely copyright infringement at work; what about appropriating another culture's local handicraft?

Dicey, folks.

But still, cute bedding.

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